• Friday

    une citation

    "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
    -Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

    (photo courtesy of Little Women)


    west elm kansas city pop-up shop!

    If you’re in the Kansas City area, I hope you’ll stop by West Elm’s Country Club Plaza location to join me and several handpicked vendors for a little pop-up shop! Heirloom Bakery will be providing treats, the weather will be fantastic, and there will be dancing. What more could you ask for? The local makers we’ve selected are darling and you’re sure to love them (note: Christmas will be here before you know it… wouldn’t it be nice to get a head start on your shopping?).

    If you’re not local, I’ll be instagramming and tweeting the event. Each vendor has an online presence, so if you see something you love from afar you’ll still be able to purchase :)


    loafers are cool

    Is there a chicer (or easier) fall ensemble than a white men’s oxford, cropped dark denim jeans and classic loafers? I think not. My style icons Grace Kelly, Charlotte Casiraghi, Jane Birkin and the lot seem to agree. This season, I’ll be wearing a pair of brandless vintage black leather loafers, though ideally I’d be wearing these. As the photos show, they don't go out of style. Loafers are cool, mais no?

    P.S. The lone man in the roundup? Francis Ford Coppola!


    the making of a dior ha?te couture dress

    Have you ever wondered how a Dior Haûte Couture dress is fabricated? Of course you have. And Refinery 29 produced a short film to show us. Though I’ve watched this video several times, my utter awe of the process has not faded. The white lab coats, the hand-dyed ribbons, the way those pleats are made! These men and women are truly artists. See the final pieces at the Dior Spring/Summer '15 show here.


    at home with lotta nieminen

    Designer and illustrator Lotta Nieminen currently lives in New York and has made it big time, but these photos were taken five years ago at her tiny Helenski studio. To me, it's the pinicle of modern, feminine Scandanavian design. The bones of her home -- white walls, warm wood furniture -- are typical of many Finish dwellings. It's the addition of personal accessories in good taste that make Lotta's studio irresistable. I can tell that she's a graphic designer: type, color and branded elements tie the space together. Truth be told I don't even mind the burgandy kitchen and bath (though you know if she had it her way, she'd make it clean and white!). See the Design*Sponge feature in it's intirety here. P.S. How cute is the name Lotta?!

    (photos by Maarit Hohteri)

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